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Consilium Marine Singapore Pte Ltd

Main Features

We provide turnkey projects, sales and after sales support for:


Navigation Systems
Communication Systems
Fire & Gas Detection Systems
Emission Monitoring Systems
Satellite Communication/Entertainment  Systems
Safety Systems
Anti-Piracy Systems


Navigation Systems
Communication Systems
Anti-Collision Avoidance Systems
Safety Systems
Remoting Monitoring Systems 


Navigation Systems
Safety Systems
Oil Spill Detection Systems
Jamming and Anti-Jamming Systems
Anti-Piracy Systems

Product Representation

Consilium Voyage Data Recorders
Consilium ECDIS
Consilium IBS, INS, Navigation Systems
Consilium ARPA Radars
Consilium Oil Spill Detection Systems
Consilium Ice Detection Systems
Consilium Wave Monitoring Systems
Consilium Speed Logs
Consilium AIS
Consilium Echo Sounders
Consilium Fire Detection Systems
Consilium Gas Detection Systems
Consilium Emission Monitoring Systems
Jowa Tank Level Systems
Skydec Jamming/Anti-Jamming Systems
C2SAT VSAT Antenna System
Uni-Safe BNWAS