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Business Concept

To be the customer’s choice When Safety Matters
Business Concept
Consilium’s business concept is to develop and market products, services and systems that are used to protect people, material values and the environment. The business concept is supported by the philosophy of global sales with a local presence and providing customers with the best service and support on the market.
Overall goal
Consilium’s overall goal is to create value for shareholders. This will be achieved by building on the Group’s expertise, global market organisation, long experience and innovative ability, and by being a leader within selected market and product segments.

Consilium shall offer the best customer value on the market
This qualitative goal involves offering the best customer value on the market in terms of quality and function, high delivery performance and global service and support.

Consilium will generate average growth of over 10 percent
Consilium’s goal is to increase net sales with average annual growth of over 10 percent during the period 2018-2022 through a combination of  organic growth, partnerships and acquisitions.

Operating margin of at least 12.5 percent
Consilium’s goal is to achieve an operating margin of at least 12.5 percent before 2022.

Return on operating capital to average at least 17.5 percent
It is also Consilium’s goal to achieve an average annual return on operating capital of at least 17.5 percent in the period 2018-2022 by improving operating profit and reducing tied-up capital.