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Consilium’s brands have been on the market a long time and bear the hallmark of a long tradition and history. Consilium’s marketed trademarks have been installed and used, and have gained respect over many decades. Consilium has developed many of the products and systems it offers, while others have been acquired.

Consilium speed logs can be traced back to 1912. Early gas detection and fire alarm systems were developed in the 1950s and 1960s. These products and systems, along with many others, came to the Company through an acquisition in 1985. Below is a selection of events in Consilium’s modern history after the 1994 stock exchange introduction.

1994 Consilium’s shares are admitted to trading on the O list of the Stockholm Stock Exchange on 11 May.

1997 Consilium launches the world’s first integrated fire alarm and gas detection system. In the same year, Consilium acquires a VDR development project.

2000 Consilium acquires Japanese Nittan’s marine fire alarm operations.

2003 Consilium develops a fire alarm system customised for the rail market.

2004 Consilium acquires the Norwegian competitor Servoteknikk (fire alarms).

2005 Consilium and Japanese company Nittan merge their Scandinavian fire alarm operations for the land market to form a new company, CN System AB.

2006 Consilium and Japanese company Nittan merge their Scandinavian fire alarm operations for the land market to form a new company, CN System AB.

2007 As part of its efforts to establish a clearer focus on products and systems for safety and navigation, Consilium Group portions out Precomp Solutions AB (publ), formerly Consilium Components, to its shareholders.

2008 Consilium establishes a new business area in response to increasing demand from the oil and gas industry, particularly in the Middle East. The Automation business area started life as a project within Consilium’s business development.

2009 Consilium merges the operations in the Fire & Gas and Navigation business areas to form a new business area: Consilium Marine & Safety.

2011 As a result of the progressive increase in sales of fire safety systems to the onshore oil and gas industry, the name of the Automation business area is changed to Fire safety & Automation.

2012 Consilium acquires a majority stake in the Swedish fire protection company Incendium. Consilium issues a bond of SEK 325.0 million, making the Company financially independent of bank financing for its own growth and creating opportunities for active participation in the restructuring of the market during the current recession.

2013 Consilium increases its focus on security and sells the radar operations. Major development resources are invested in the process of certifying future system safety functions in accordance with SIL2 and RAMS.

2014 Consilium acquires a majority stake in the Indian fire safety company Sureland Fire & Security, strengthening its position in India and bringing core competency in applications for the power industry. Consilium acquires 60 per cent of the shares in the Norwegian fire safety company JKK Group, with subsidiaries in Norway and China, strengthening the Company’s position and offering to the offshore market. Consilium acquires a 40 per cent shareholding in the Italian fire alarm company MicroData. The acquisition gives increased influence over a major supplier of fire alarm products.

2015 Consilium ends a long period of streamlining its operations and concentrates fully on creating profitable growth. During the year, Consilium strengthens its product and market organisation through acquisitions of companies in Australia, Finland and the Netherlands, and increased ownership in joint ventures in Sweden, Norway and India. Two new market companies are established in the Fire safety & Automation business area in Malaysia and Morocco. Consilium also opens an office in Stavanger for the marketing of fire alarms to the Norwegian offshore industry.

2016 In 2016, Consilium receives an order to supply complete fire safety systems for the world’s largest solar power plant under construction in Morocco. The order is Consilium’s first in this type of energy production. During the year, Consilium makes another breakthrough in the form of an order for its new SIL2-approved fire alarm systems to be installed on an oil production platform in the North Sea. Consilium makes a number of strategic acquisitions in 2016, the largest being 79 percent of the shares in Micropack (Engineering) Ltd. Micropack develops advanced flame detection systems and sells fire and gas safety services to large companies in the oil and gas industry. Consilium has an option to subsequently acquire the remaining shares in the company. During the year, Consilium also increases its shareholding in the company Consilium Säkerhet Syd AB from 30 percent to 50.03 percent, which strengthens the Group’s position for future expansion in the land market. At the end of the year, Consilium changes the name of the Fire safety & Automation business area to Safety Engineering, which better describes the overall offering.

2017 In 2017, Consilium acquired the majority of the shares in the US fire safety company ACAF Systems Inc. ACAF Systems has developed a system that enables more effective fire extinguishing, uses less water and foam, and is quicker than conventional foam extinguishing systems. ACAF’s systems generate compressed air foam which is also biodegradable. In order to strengthen the Group’s balance sheet and financial position, Consilium issued a hybrid bond of SEK 200 million in 2017. The issue gives Consilium increased flexibility to make profitable investments and is of benefit to the Company’s relationship with major customers in international markets, particularly in connection with the signing of long-term service agreements for safety systems. Consilium also established its first market company in France during the year.

2018 Consilium continues its streamlining, with a focus on products and systems within fire safety, and divests 50 percent of the navigation business and a company within automation, while operations that lack strategic value for the safety area are discontinued. During the year, Consilium establishes a new market company in Canada, and a company in Denmark through the acquisition of a former sales agent.