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  • CEMS Emission monitoring

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Continuous Emission Monitoring System

Consilium’s Continuous Emission Monitoring System (CEMS) comprises a large number of applications monitoring Nitrogen Oxide, NOX, SO2 etc. Supported by leading technologies, we provide a comprehensive range of analyzers covering a wide area of process monitoring and control applications.

Exhaust emissions, Nitrogen Oxide, Sulphur Dioxide (NOX, SO2), Carbon Dioxide (CO2) and other greenhouse gases are some of the most harmful substances for the global environment mankind know about today. Oxygen (O2) as we know it, is the breath of life, but can in a wrong environment actually be a peril.

Consilium provides a comprehensive range of analyzers, such as Oil Mist leakage monitoring, Inert gas monitoring and control, Scrubber exhaust monitoring and Combustion emission monitoring and control.

Typical applications are:

Combustion emission monitoring and control
Scrubber exhaust monitoring
Oil Mist leakage monitoring
Inert gas monitoring and control