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  • Consilium´s Emgergency Shutdown (ESD) System

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Emergency Shutdown (ESD)


Consilium has a long experience, in-depth knowledge of designing, implementing and maintaining safety systems. Consilium provides a common technical platform for both Fire Detection System and Emergency Shutdown (ESD) System that makes installation and service easy and flexible. Consilium offer retrofitting projects which can ensure optimized solutions for best performance.

Functions of ESD
In order to provide protection of human life and property, as well as adhering to governing regulations, an operational and highly effective ESD is an essential asset.
In the case of emergency, reliable operation of the ESD system is of highest importance.

Main task of ESD solution is to prevent escalation of hazardous events by

  • Shutdown and control of integrated equipment and systems
  • Running the automated and predefined Cause & Effect charts
  • Providing the status and alarms of equipment and systems
  • Supporting the decision making
  • Displays and propose activities during emergency situations

Consilium’s ESD Solution
Using modular design Consilium are able to provide a flexible solution that integrates all of the essential features and provides continuous operation with minimized maintenance cost.


  • Redundancy on processing unit, communication and power supply
  • Fewer programmable parts provides system flexibility
  • Fewer components makes maintenance easier and spare parts more readily available
  • Advanced system-wide network communications
  • Advanced built-in diagnostics
  • Hot-swappable modules
  • Support for remote assistance and maintenance

All these features make our solution highly cost-effective, and the simple installation makes it optimal for new-building and retrofitting programs alike.