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Consilium has a worldwide network of subsidiaries and agents in order to provide the best support for our customers.

Gas Detection Marine


Consilium offers two types of gas detection systems, sampling- and point detection systems, which can be found on COT’s, P/C’s, offshore vessels and other specialized vessels as well as onboard LNG’s, often in combined set up’s incorporating our fire detection systems as well.

Since the first Salwico gas detector was released in 1959, the Salwico range has developed and is now considered to be top of the line, having all the qualities and features that can be expected from the user as well as the installer.


Gas detection system

CGD50/500 fixed point detection system is a user friendly, safe, reduntant and flexible and built on the same flexible and modular platform as Consilium’s fire detection system.

Using the same platform for the gas detection system offers many benefits. For instance the total lifetime cost of the system is significantly reduced as maintenance and service can be performed by the same service engineer and the same spare parts can be used for several systems. Another huge advantage is that the operator easily can familiarize with the system, as the HMI between the two systems is identical.

Key benefits/features:

  • Easy to install with few but smart system components
  • Loop based system with full redundancy on both power and communication
  • Use of 48VDC out on the detector loop preventing voltage drop, which ensures that the critical functions are always operational
  • Possibility to install more detectors on the same loop
  • Flexible distributable system design
  • Reduces the amount of cable during installation, up to several kilometers


Salwico gas sampling system

Salwico SW2020 is a scanning (sequential) sampling system, permanently installed for a number of sampling points. The gas detectors are common for all sampling points, allowing the use of high quality gas detectors with good accuracy and by its unique design it offers the possibility to connect any 4-20mA gas detector up to 4 in a system. Flexible pump configuration gives redundancy and shorter sampling time.

The Salwico SW2020 is intended for detection of explosive and toxic gases in pump rooms, cofferdams, pipe tunnels, stools, ballast tanks, slop tanks and other areas.

Key benefits/features

  • Sampling time as a function of pipe length
  • Up to four gas detectors connected for alarm condition
  • Alarm levels for low and high alarm for each detector
  • Clear text information