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After Sales

Consilium has a worldwide network of subsidiaries and agents in order to provide the best support for our customers.

Navy segment

In the Navy segment which comprises of submarines, patrol ships, corvettes, destroyers etc the requirements for the applications are much more demanding compared with the merchant marine and the efficiency and environments requirements are high for protection of lives and assets at sea.

Consilium Military Marine Equipment

Due to their durability, Consilium products has become a natural choice for navy ships all over the world.

The well reputed high standard and originally commercial products are designed and feasible for both combat and auxiliary vessels, all though for some applications special modifications have been made to accommodate the extreme military requirements.

All assemblies are project certified and made in accordance to highest quality standards and stringent logistic control. All products follow the requirement in equivalent European test standards like EN54 and E10.

The system comprising components and assemblies are regularly tested to military standards.

Salwico - Fire Detection

The Salwico fire detection range consists of both conventional and analogue addressable systems and all certified type approved by all major classification societies and flag states worldwide.

Whatever system, they are all regarded top of the line and comprises components for all methods of detection; thermal, smoke, flame and atmospheric changes.

Our list of references include all types and sizes of floating objects; from fishing boats to large cruise ships, navy vessels, container ships to the largest ULCC and Off-Shore units.

Salwico - Gas Detection

Consilium offers two types of gas detection systems, one which uses the principle of sequential sampling through pipes from a number of locations. The other system is a point detection system, which uses the principle of fixed gas detectors fitted on each measuring point. The detectors are electronically wired to a cabinet in which the controller is located.

The benefits of a gas sampling system is for example that a large number of locations can be monitored simultaneously, using only one or a few detectors, however each location will be monitored in a sequence and not continuously. The advantage of a point detection system is that the measuring points will be monitored continuously, and in case there is a hazardous level of gas, the system can generate an alarm very fast.

For navy ships, often carrying fuelled aircrafts or helicopters, a consistent and reliable GDS is a must, thus the Salwico systems have been recognized as one of the industry's most appreciated brands.