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After Sales

Consilium has a worldwide network of subsidiaries and agents in order to provide the best support for our customers.

Oil & Gas segment


In the Oil & Gas segment, which comprises of special vessel such as Anchor Handling Tug Supply (AHTS), Platform Supply Vessel (PSV), Sub Sea Support Vessel (SSSV), Semi Submersible Drill Units, Special Accommodation Vessel, Consilium offers a wide range of safety systems. Our systems are designed and developed to meet the demands from our customers and the regulatory requirements from the majority of Classification societies as well as the EC (European Community) rules, which are applicable for selected system types.

Fire detection

Consilium offers a new generation fire detection systems based on the Consilium Common Platform. Fully addressable fire detection system, conventional system as well as a combined analogue/conventional system is available. Full spectrums of detectors are available for all types of applications.

Gas detection

Consilium offers two gas detection systems, Salwico Sampling System and Salwico Gas Detection System. Salwico Sampling System is of scanning (sequential) sampling type and is suitable for water ballast tanks, void spaces as well as for pump room applications. Salwico Gas Detection is a loop-configured analogue addressable gas detection system which can be found in Oil & Gas applications and onboard LNG carriers. Detection system is suitable for small detection systems to most demanding installations.

Emission Monitoring

Consilium offers the world’s only true continuous measuring NOx and SO2 analysing equipment for marine applications. The system is based on the regulatory chemiluminescent principle as stated in the “Marpol Annex VI NOx Technical Code”.