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Consilium has a worldwide network of subsidiaries and agents in order to provide the best support for our customers.

Icomera X6 High Speed Internet Gateway

Icomera X6 High Speed Internet Gateway - high speed internet access for all kinds of connections.

With Icomera X6 it is possible to combine the best communication media available (Wi-Fi, cell phone and satellite communication) with a stable and high performance internet connection. It comprises up to 6 cellular modems and gives a seamless technology of connectivity.

Icomera X6 provides:

Crew welfare - web browsing, email, cellular service and VoIP, streaming video and entertainment , on-line training, tele medicine

System efficiency- condition monitoring, IT remote management, remote diagnostic and repair, engine and operational data exchange, online supply and repair orders

Floating office - access to corporate network (VPN, Branch office, pptp), VDR Playback, corporate VoIP and cellular, navigation aid, operational data exchange

Customer care - web-browsing, e-mail, streaming video and entertainment, passenger information, video conferencing, tele medicine