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Monitor scrubber exhaust with Consilium's OPSIS M800 System

Sep 24, 2013

The global environmental impact from ship emissions is significant and the International Maritime Organization (IMO) is enforcing new regulations in order to reduce the emissions and ship owners using scrubber must monitor SO2 and CO2 in the scrubber exhaust.


Consilium's OPSIS M800 System for continuous emission monitoring after scrubbers

As the leading supplier within marine safety solutions, Consilium now offers the most cost efficient and low maintenance solution, to help our customers meet the upcoming requirements.

Consilium’s DNV certified OPSIS M800 System is a scrubber exhaust monitoring system based on a non-contact method, using an optical measurement path operating across the duct.

The system measures all relevant gases such as NO, NO2, SO2, CO2, CO, NH3, CH4 with just one analyzer, ensuring very low maintenance.

  • No sampling, non-contact method
  • One analyser for multiple stacks and all relevant gases
  • Reliable with low maintenance
  • Internationally tested and approved
  • Cross stack monitoring – no contact with smoke