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New speed log transducer with innovative design

Feb 02, 2017

SAL R1a Easy Tank is the latest generation of type approved speed logs from Consilium Marine & Safety – a pioneer in this field with proven performance from thousands of installations. A combination of innovative product design and established mounting technology makes Easy Tank smooth to install with no requirement of additional safety precautions to secure watertight integrity.

New level of safety
DNV GL classifies and approves SAL R1a Easy Tank as a closed ended hull penetration, meaning that no additional precautions are needed to maintain water tightness. Easy Tank has been tested according to PN 16 (26–32 bar pressure during 24 hours) with excellent results and consists of two parts: One flange to be welded into the hull, and one combined flange top and transducer. The top with the integrated transducer is bolted on top of the flange creating a seal that is considered safer than a closed sea valve.

No extra construction work
Since SAL R1a Easy Tank is classified as a closed ended installation, there is no need for a watertight compartment or extensive piping above seawater level. The transducer cable is also watertight, making it possible to mount Easy Tank in wet and demanding environments.

“We decided to build a SOLAS approved speed log, which was easier and cheaper to install than any other log in the market,” says Anders Fagergren, R&D Department Manager and Product Owner SAL Speed Logs at Consilium. “I believe we have made the first real evolution in this market in many years. Easy Tank consists of just a few parts making it quick and easy to mount, and it exceeds IMO specifications.”
Ready for the world
SAL R1a Easy Tank measures relative speed through water (STW) and comes with the IMO wheel mark certification. It is available for both aluminium and steel hull construction. The first system was delivered in November 2016 and is now available worldwide. The design is patent pending.

For more information, please contact:
Consilium Marine & Safety AB
Anders Fagergren
R&D Department Manager, Product Owner SAL Speed Logs
Dir: +46 8 563 05 141