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November 25, 2016

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November 18, 2016

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November 10, 2016

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October 26, 2016

Consilium Säkerhet Syd AB Malmö has received an order from Region Skåne, Region Service of automatic fire protection in Hässleholms Hospital. Consilium will install six central units for automatic fire detection systems and approximately 3,000 detectors.

Consilium has already fire protection within several Swedish hospitals in southern Sweden as well as in health centers for Region Skåne. This new order consolidates Consiliums position as the market leading system supplier of automatic fire detection systems in southern Sweden.

"We are very pleased and proud of this order from Region Skåne, Region Service. They have once again chosen Consilium's interactive fire detection system FG5000™ and us as their system partner, in charge of the new automatic fire protection at Hässleholm Hospital." says Ulf Petersson, Consilium Säkerhet Syd AB.

For more information: 
Consilium Säkerhet Syd AB
Ulf Petersson
+46 40-602 05 81


October 18, 2016

Consilium has launched a new web-based service for ship-to-shore transfer and playback of ship voyage data. The first order for this new Remote Playback service comes from Stena Line Scandinavia AB, following a period of close cooperation.

Consilium is one of the major suppliers of Voyage Data Recorders (VDR) for ships. Remote Playback is an add-on service for the VDR that allows selected data – from all kinds of ship systems – to be securely transferred from vessels to shore and easily replayed and reviewed by ship management and safety departments.

All steps in the data transfer and playback are integrated seamlessly in one single web application. It is now easier than ever for ship management and safety departments to review and learn from incidents and near-misses and continuously having access to important information for the entire fleet.

The communication link is based on standardized web protocols with encryption, making it both secure and easy for customers to incorporate Remote Playback in the existing IT infrastructure. In addition to this, a firewall adds an extra layer of protection, and for the on-shore users, a two-step login procedure further strengthens the security of the service.
The choice of modern web technology makes the service cost-efficient, flexible and scalable. It is easy to access the service from any computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone. The service can easily be adapted according to the customer’s needs, and it is easy to add more vessels or more data resources when needed. Remote Playback also offers the possibility to set up notifications that are sent to the user via email or SMS upon selected trigger events.

Once a vessel is equipped with the hardware unit that enables Remote Playback, Consilium can also offer remote diagnostics of the VDR, for example to prepare for planned service visits or to guide the on-board crew remotely on how to trouble-shoot and even solve minor issues with connected systems. Although optimized for Consilium VDR’s, Remote Playback can be enabled for any vessel (regardless of the VDR brand on board) thanks to interface adaption kits.

“Consilium has invested in a strong global service and support organization, as well as in supporting global IT systems, to enable us to provide world best daily service and support for our customers. We offer cost-efficient retrofit solutions. Remote Playback is a cost-efficient ship management tool that further strengthens the range of services we can offer to our customers”, says Ove Hansson, President and CEO.



For further information, please contact:
Consilium AB (publ)
Ove Hansson
President and CEO
Telefon: +46-8-563 05 300
Mobil: +46-705 760 833



About Consilium

Consilium is one of the world’s leading suppliers of safety and navigation products, systems and solutions. The product portfolio comprises systems for fire detection, gas detection, emission monitoring, as well as navigational equipment. Fire protection and automation systems are also marketed, primarily towards the oil and gas industry and the power sector. The guiding-star of Consilium’s total offerings is to contribute in the protection of lives, material assets and the environment. Consilium’s goal is to be the customer’s first choice when safety matters and to offer superior customer value. The ambition is to become a global leader within well-defined market and product areas, by utilization of the Group’s combined competence, long experience and successful innovations – and thereby create long-lasting shareholder value. Consilium is publicly listed on NASDAQ Stockholm, has 950 employees and a turnover of SEK 1,600 million.


October 14, 2016

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October 07, 2016

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September 30, 2016

Consilium produces and supplies safety systems for demanding applications all over the world. Our commitment goes beyond the products: We are protecting lives of mothers and fathers, our children, sisters and brothers, colleagues and friends.

~For all those moments - When Safety Matters ~




September 21, 2016

Consilium has together with the system integrator Goodtech finished the first system in the fire detection retrofit project on Wintershall’s production platform, Brage.

Consilium has installed the fire detection system on the Brage platform. An important demand from Wintershall was that neither production nor security should be affected during the installation. Consilium met these demands with great success and used existing infrastructure to make this a very efficient retrofit.

Consilium has an innovative modular approach which makes it possible to replace an existing fire detection system simply by building it into an existing offshore cabinet. Consilium reuses existing communication links with top systems and by this they can eliminate the need to do changes to the safety system. This gives a high reduction in both costs and space.

“Together with the suppliers Consilium and Goodtech, Wintershall have successfully upgraded and put into operation the first of two fire centrals on Brage. It is important that the supply chain are able to challenge existing solutions, as well as delivering quality in every step of the project execution. So far Wintershall is very pleased with the new solution and are looking forward to having the complete system up and running in the near future.” Gøran Solsvik, Project Leader Modifications, Wintershall Norge AS

For more information please contact:
Consilium Marine & Safety AB
Phone: +46317107738


Brage SIL 2 Consilium


May 02, 2016

PRESSRELEASE 2016-04-29 Consilium receives the first order for the new SIL 2-approved fire detection system for an oil platform in the North Sea Consilium has now received the first order for the brand new SIL 2 fire detection and alarm systems. The system will be installed on an oil production platform in the North Sea. Consilium has received the order from the system integrator Goodtech to retrofit the existing fire detection system on the Brage oil production platform in the North Sea. The owner of the production platform is Wintershall. Consilium will install its new SIL 2 CFD5000 system, developed by Consilium for the last three years for the oil & gas industry. Goodtech will as the system integrator share knowledge and experience with Consilium. Goodtech becomes the first integrator to be trained and certified for Consilium CFD5000 system. Factory Acceptance Test (FAT) of the system will be performed in Goodtech's test laboratory. This project has a high focus on costs and reuse, while there is a full focus on safety. Consilium will install two fire detection systems on 10 floors, under normal operating conditions on the platform. In this retrofit project Consilium will use existing infrastructure and also reuse and minimizing updates to the documentation. "This is an important milestone for the Consilium and our SIL 2 project, after several years of heavy investment and dedicated work of our departments of R&D, quality, sales & marketing, project, production and other relevant functions. Each step of the project will be followed closely by Consilium, to ensure a successful delivery in compliance with quality and safety, "said Ove Hansson, CEO. For more information please contact: Consilium Marine & Safety AB Marketing Phone: +46317107738 Consilium is one of the world's leading suppliers of products and systems for safety and navigation. The product range includes fire protection, detection of gas and gas emissions, as well as navigation equipment. Moreover automation systems and fire protection systems are offered, primarily for the oil & gas industry. Consilium's vision is to contribute to protecting people, property, assets and the environment. Consilium's goal is to be the customer's first choice when safety matters and to offer superior customer value. By leveraging the Group's expertise, long experience and innovation, ambition is to become a leading player in defined market and product areas and thereby create value for shareholders. Consilium is publicly listed on the Nasdaq Stockholm, has 800 employees and sales of SEK 1 500 million.